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Reflections of the Heart 

The Secrets About "That Night!" 

December, 30, 2015

When I was a young child I could not change the course of my life. I needed an outlet, so writing became my resource. I started writing at the age of seven. I put my short stories on the back burner for years. In my adulthood I picked them back up again. I found that I could change events and characters outcomes, so thus began my journey of The Secrets About "That Night!!"

A book in which love and forgiveness join forces and prevail against dark and lonely pasts of lies, deceit, and mayhem. The outcome is a string of secrets that are born in the tiny town of Naves Grove. Meant to lie dormant, the secrets begin to live again as light exposes them, one secret at a time. The story also involves three major families that experience these secrets. Each character goes through challenges, just to learn a lesson about life and forgiveness, as love enters in. So pull up a comfy chair, and read the book entitled The Secrets About "That Night!" It's guaranteed to make you adopt your own opinions, thoughts, find some laugher, and become imbedded in the character's lives as you read their story of hopes and dreams.

Light is what you're left with, after the darkness has lifted

The main link to purchase and find out more information about the book is here!Go to:, Purchase on, Barnes & Noble, and as an E-book. Books are printed "on demand", so they will never be out of stock. Each ordering way is in full functionality. Please support me and

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